Looking to set up an Apprenticeship programme in your organisation?

Does your organisation require a talent pool to fill job roles?


Are you a young person looking for the perfect Apprenticeship?  

Are you looking to get into work?  


Aspire Academy within KF Training has a dedicated team committed to supporting businesses and individuals, from setting up an exclusive apprentice academy or work academy to helping to train individuals and help them into work.

Our Aspire team have helped over 50 businesses in 2015 find young people to join their organisations on apprenticeships.

In collaboration with one of our partners and clients, in 2015, we have successfully trained and over 100 unemployed people and moved them into employment and continued to support our clients and individuals by delivering accredited programmes to develop them in their new roles.

Why use the Aspire Academy?

We offer a unique support package to both employers and apprentices including a full recruitment and selection process, an assigned mentor in the first 12 weeks of the apprenticeship helping both the apprentice and employer and finally we allocate an experienced Coach to deliver the apprenticeship programme

As an Aspire Academy candidate prior to recruitment, you will;

Once in your Apprenticeship you will:

An Apprenticeship with Aspire Academy is the starting point for your working life and we are absolutely committed to working with you and your employer to ensure the experience you receieve is reliable and valuable.  You will learn by doing, observing and grow with confidence day by day.

Call our Aspire Team for vacancy information, for a consultation to discuss setting up an Apprentice Academy within your organisation or if you are an employer with high volume recruitment needs.