Accredited Programme

Level 3 Business Improvement Techniques 

Who is it for?

This programme will help your business to drive forward by giving dedicated Continous Improvement individuals, managers and supervisors the skills to successfully contribute and apply the tools and techniques of Continuous Improvement in your organisation. Candidates will be able to sustain a culture of Continuous Improvement throughout the workforce and be key to the contribution of all Continous Imrpovement activities and events. The candidates will know how to oversee team contribution to a Continuous Improvement agenda and support the organisation to strive for an innovative improvement culture creating and maintaining a strong, safe business for the future.

What will be covered?

Our experienced team of national Continuous Improvement Coaches and Trainers will deliver a high quality, project based programme where your business will see real improvements and the learning team will fully support the individual to maximise the results of the training to embed the new skills into every day work giving your business a real boost.

Delivered over 18 months using a variety of innovative delivery techniques, this project based programme will consist of group delivery, one to one coaching sessions and a presentation by the delegates to the management team on results and develop a CI business plan to deliver into the business.

Access to funding is available subject to eligibility.